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February 28, 2016 by Kate Bowles

Sociologist Deborah Lupton has published a useful summary of her ongoing research into the living nature of digital data. It’s a complex discussion of the way in which the data we’re all generating continuously as we go about our lives weaves between the human and non-human. I’ve reblogged it here so that you can see an example of current expert professional research that falls under the broadest heading of media technology research. For me this post also demonstrates the use by professional researchers of simple blog sites to keep their readers up to date with emerging projects.

Deborah Lupton is at the University of Canberra and you can follow her on Twitter: @DALupton

This Sociological Life

People’s encounters and entanglements with the personal digital data that they generate is a new and compelling area of research interest in this age of the ascendancy of digital data. Members of the public are now called upon to engage with a variety of forms of information about themselves and to confront the complexities of how these details are used by others. Personal digital data assemblages are configured as human bodies, digital devices, code, data, time and space come together.

Personal digital data assemblages smartart Personal digital data assemblages

Over the past few years I have been researching the social aspects of personal digital data: how people understand and conceptualise these data, how they use their data, what people know about where their personal data go and how their data are used by second and third parties.I have analysed the metaphors that are used to describe digital data, the politics of digital data, the types…

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